Ed Klim

Ed Klim

For well over a decade Ed has held a senior position within the Government Departmental structure in Canberra with particular emphasis on the areas involved with what can loosely be called primary industry. This area obviously covers directly the Australian livestock and meat industries as well as indirectly all facets of Government which have an impact on these two very important industries. This is aside from the many other independent industries which fall within the primary industry classification.

From the time of his involvement with primary industries matters he has always shown a strong desire to fully understand the machinations of the individual industries and in this regard the Australian rendering industry has benefitted from his quickly acquired broad knowledge of the rendering industry and particularly the vital role that it plays within the total Australian livestock and meat industries.

He has proven time and time again a readiness and an endeavour to assist with any issues as and when they arise and some, over his time at a high policy related level within the Department, have been major – particularly those involved say with residues and with the classic one being the assistance provided to Government and industry in the early parts of 1990s flowing from the outbreak of BSE in the United Kingdom in the late 1980's. Through his direct involvement with SAFEMEAT he has assisted the Australian rendering industry through its efforts to develop an industry Code of Practice for the Hygienic Rendering of Animal Products (later to become an Australian Standard) and over more recent years with the acceptance of the Association’s Code of Practice for the Recycling of Used Cooking Fats and Oils as a National Standard.

His admirable work for and on behalf of many industries, and of course in particular the Australian rendering industry, is greatly appreciated by all who have had dealings with him and/or who have benefited significantly by the assistance he has been only too willing to give.