sustaincircleThe rendering industry has led the recycling industry as we know it.

For over 200 years we have protected our environment by converting animal by-products from the human food processing industry into edible meat fractions, feed ingredients for livestock, companion animals and fish as well as pharmaceutical ingredients, edible tallow, tallow for soap, cosmetics and biofuels.

Nothing is wasted, we even return the water which represents 60% of animal bodyweight back to the environment to sustain our ecology.

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in 2014 introduced an award to recognise the outstanding ARA Rendering Accreditation Workshop student of each course, who are assessed on a number of criteria by the  presenters of the course. The criteria are not based on academic ability but a range of attributes relevant to the role of rendering operations. In 2018 the Association decided to name the Award after the late Mr Reginald Evans, one of the indusrty stalwarts since the formation of the Association and a major supporter of the accreditation course.
 2014 - July Ben Baron Talloman
2015 - February Jeram Bagio  Harvey Beef
2015 - July Sikka Dykstra Western Tiers Proteins
2016 - Feb Patrick Harvey Nolan Meats
2016 - June Ryan Dolley JBS Longford
2017 - Feb Ben Adam E.C. Throsby
2017 - Jun Nick Lawrance  A.J. Bush Riverstone
2018 - Jan Jason Hentscher Northern Cooperative Meat Company
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