sustaincircleThe rendering industry has led the recycling industry as we know it.

For over 200 years we have protected our environment by converting animal by-products from the human food processing industry into edible meat fractions, feed ingredients for livestock, companion animals and fish as well as pharmaceutical ingredients, edible tallow, tallow for soap, cosmetics and biofuels.

Nothing is wasted, we even return the water which represents 60% of animal bodyweight back to the environment to sustain our ecology.

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Rick Carter

Rick is an Agricultural Science graduate from Adelaide University and went on to complete a Master of Science degree in Animal Nutrition at Aberdeen University in Scotland.  On his return to Australia he was employed by the Veterinary Division of Bayer Australia in 1980 as a nutritionist where his involvement with animal protein meals and fats began in pig feed concentrates and petfood.  In 1984 Rick went to Canada where he completed a Ph.D at the University of Guelph before returning to Bayer Animal Health where he continued to work until 1993 when he joined Ridley AgriProducts as the Technical Manager for Ridley's Queensland operations.  Rick then joined Kemin AgriFoods in 1998 as the Technical Services Manager for Australia and New Zealand, so Rick's involvement with the rendering industry has been as both a customer and a supplier, as well as directly with the Australian Renderer's Association.

Rick has atternded every symposium, except 1997, and been a member of the symposium organising committee continuously since 2007 and took un the difficult task of getting papers submitted prior to the event for each symposium since 2011.  He has  contributed significant effort also by being a presenter at the ARA accreditation workshops since 2000, a total of over 20 workshops.

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