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sustaincircleThe rendering industry has led the recycling industry as we know it.

 For over 200 years we have protected our environment by converting animal by-products from the human food processing industry into edible meat fractions, feed ingredients for livestock, companion animals and fish as well as pharmaceutical ingredients, edible tallow, tallow for soap, cosmetics and biofuels. 

Nothing is wasted, we even return the water which represents 60% of animal bodyweight back to the environment to sustain our ecology.

The ARA is the national body within Australia which represents the interests of producers and traders of rendered products - meat and bone meals and tallows - at the State and Federal Government levels and in all fora where there is a need for the industry to be represented.

Whilst it does not become involved in commercial issues it nevertheless facilitates trade in rendered products domestically and internationally.

Visitors to this site are encouraged to make contact with members in respect to the supply of the various products they handle or to contact the Association direct with any general enquiries.

Andy Bennett
National President

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